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₺777.000 Raised
250 investors
₺1000 min. investment
$115.000 Raised
92 investors
$500 min. investment
$19.000 Raised
7 investors
$100 min. investment
Digital Real Estate Share Certificate (DRESC)
Easy Buying and Selling
Real estate investors from all regions of our country will love our investment platform, which is fast, secure, user-friendly, and available 24/7.
With our expert team, we are always by your side!
Digital Real Estate Share Certificate (DRESC)
You can instantly buy or sell your real estate properties using "digital real estate share certificates" as you please.
Multi-Fractional Non-Fungible Token/ MFNFT
Token holders have ownership rights to rental income and other proceeds generated from the real estate properties. They can also participate in community decisions regarding the real estate by exercising their voting rights.
NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Documentation
You can mint your real estate properties as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and convert them into cash as desired on national and international marketplaces.
How Do We Achieve This?
Thorne prepares you for faster, more secure, and profitable real estate investments by utilizing blockchain technology.
In this new technological world where you come across terms like blockchain, NFTs, Web 3, DeFi, we aim to guide you through.
Converts to Token
Token Holders Receive It
Sends to Your Bank Account
You can buy, sell, and generate rental income from real estate properties.
Become one of those who buy and sell the digital real estate share certificates (DRESC) of the products in our portfolio!
Our marketplace (TerraMirum) is presented as a modern investment space based on blockchain technology to virtual world investors, with an approximate transaction volume of 3 trillion USD, aiming to prevent them from disconnecting from the real world.